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New Rock Sound has a big poster of the cover shoot they did. You know, with the flames?


All rights reserved by jodixhavok


All rights reserved by jodixhavok

Set list from Birmingham NIA show- Monday 6th December 2010

Set list of Bullet for my Valentine- 

  • Your Betrayal
  • Pleasure and Pain
  • Waking the Demon
  • The Poison
  • Bittersweet Memories
  • Room 409
  • Say Goodnight
  • Scream Aim Fire
  • The Last Fight
  • Cries In Vain
  • 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
  • Alone
  • Hand Of Blood
  • Tears Don’t Fall
  • Fever
  • Begging For Mercy

This link also contains a few images from the gig.

Tuck’s Tour Agony Over Baby Son

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE frontman MATT TUCK is struggling to cope with the band’s touring schedule - because it broke his heart to leave his newborn son at home while he heads out on the road.

The rocker became a first-time father in March (10) when his wife Charlotte gave birth to baby Evann.

Within a month, Tuck had to go on tour with the British band - and he has had to force himself not to be a “whingey little pr**k” about missing out on his daddy duties.

Tuck admits he is desperate to spend a year at home with his new family, but the support of his bandmates Jason James and Michael Thomas - who both have kids - is helping him through the tough times on the road.

He tells Kerrang! magazine, “Having a baby has really changed my perspective on life, let alone touring. It broke my heart going away. Four weeks after (Evann) was born, I went on a three-month tour; we went home for five weeks and I’ve just come on another two-month tour.

"That hurts me. All I want to do in the world right now is be with him. If I could stop this for a year, go home and then start again, I would, hands down, right now. (I’m) just getting on with it, getting the days done, getting the shows done so I can get home. I’m still committed and as ambitious as ever, but it’s a huge thing for me having a kid and I don’t want to be the dad who’s not there.

"For me it eclipses being in a f**king band… But I can learn from the example of my two other bandmates who’ve done this, and they’ve got through it fine, so I can’t be a whingey little pr**k and be like, ‘I’m going home, I can’t handle it’, because they didn’t do that. I made them get on the f**king tour bus, so I’m dealing with it and it’s all good."

Bullet shoots to thrill (Concert Review)

Bullet For My Valentine

NIA, Birmingham

review and photo gallery by James Watkins

Bullet For My Valentine  (BFMV) caused chaos and produced one of the rock shows of the year as they blew away the NIA with a set that had the partisan crowd in awe on the opening night of their first solo arena tour.

Stamping their mark on the metal scene over the past 18 months, it’s plain to see why the Bridgend four-piece have made the transition from club-league interest to mega stadium furore.

Opening with Your Betrayal, that featured a mini drum opening solo by Michael Thomas on the sticks, messers Matt Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar) and Jason James (bass guitar backing vocals),  shook the NIA to its core and sent the fans wild as they powered there way through their catalogue of hits.

Pleasure & Pain and Demon rolled out roars of power chords and fast paced bass licks against a backdrop of flame-throwing pyrotechnics.

Slowing down the set with a stunning play of the anthemic Scream, it was clear to see that the Welsh metal heads were relishing every moment of their first solo-arena date.

Read more: http://www.shropshirestar.com/entertainment/2010/12/08/bullet-shoots-to-thrill/#ixzz17WhCRnXP

B4MV won’t allow loss of support act to spoil their show

WELSH metal act Bullet For My Valentine admit they weren’t surprised by the news that Escape The Fate wouldn’t be able to support them on their UK and European tour.

It comes after the US metalcore band’s frontman, Max Green, checked in to rehab.

But B4MV, as they’re affectionately known, want their fans to know it’s a fate they’ll never succumb to.

Click this link for the full article.


Matt is featured in this week K! mag - tomorrow in news-agent’s! :) 


Matt is featured in this week K! mag - tomorrow in news-agent’s! :) 





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Bullet for My Valentine perform @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, B.C.

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